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Best practices of Wastewater Management in Germany and the Netherlands

From 24.4.-25.04.2017 visitors from Nablus, Palestine visited ICON. The visit formed part of a Study Tour aiming to present best practices on the control of industrial wastewater pollution, considering the various stakeholders on national, regional and local level such as industries, utilities, government and regulators. The two days in Cologne were part of a larger program which continued in the Netherlands from 26.04. - 30.04.

On the first day the entourage visited the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) in Hennef where an overview of the German water- and wastewater sector was provided. The presentation was followed by an intense discussion and experience exchange on rules and regulations for indirect discharging industries, a topic which is very relevant in the setup of the wastewater management process in the Municipality of Nablus.

The second day started with a visit to the Stadtentwäserungsbetriebe Köln (StEB). After a general presentation of the StEB the guests from Palestine were especially interested in the mandate of StEB in regard to the monitoring of the industries discharging of their wastewater in the public sewer lines.

Subsequently the visitors were taken to the large-scale sewage treatment plant in Cologne-Stammheim to obtain first-hand information on the challenges in the treatment process of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Further the entourage visited the private company Nattermann & Cie. GmbH in Cologne, an enterprise producing prescription free pharmaceuticals for the international market. The visit to this private enterprise provided the opportunity to obtain inside information from an indirect discharging medium-sized industrial company on the proper handling of the wastewater and the adherence to the rules and regulations.

The Study Tour continued in the Netherlands where the visitors were introduced to the Dutch System of wastewater management. Besides visits to wastewater treatment facilities in the Netherlands the focus again was on the challenges small and medium-sized industries have in the handling of their wastewater.

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