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ICON Managers and experts are members of important Working Groups of the stakeholders in the German consulting sector and provide substantial contributions to
- the international section of VBI (Auslandsausschuß)
- the VBI-KfW working group on Financial Cooperation
- the GIZ-Facharbeitskreise (i.e., Privatwirtschaftsförderung, ReKomEnt, Governance, Wasser, Bildung, Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitsmarkt)

Verband Beratender Ingenieure e.V.

The German Association of Consulting Engineers, one of the leading associations worldwide for consultancy and engineering.


is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), with offices at the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) in the Federal City of Bonn. We are member of the iMove network.

European Microfinance Platform

A growing network of over 140 organisations and individuals active in the area of microfinance.

DevelopmentAid is a leading, innovative membership organisation offering services to the international developmental sector.

Eine-Welt Stadt Köln

Köln supports with a local network the Millenium Development Aims of the United Nations