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444040/ 293

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Palestinian Territories


Education and Training / Vocational Education

Project Title:

Training and Further Training of Teaching Staff / Professionals in Vocational Education and Training (ISP)


National Long-term Expert




June 2018 bis May 2020


Up to 24 PM


The measure aims to improve the pedagogical skills of VET staff in schools and businesses.
The National Institute for Educational Training (NIET) is supported in the preparation of a detailed needs analysis of the vocational training institutions in Palestine and in the determination and specification of training needs. The results will be used to develop and implement preparatory courses for trainee teachers and continuing education courses for VET teachers, as well as for school management staff, including development of curricula.
In addition, the political situation in Palestine, especially in some areas, calls for special skills of the teaching staff with regard to competences in psychosocial care, conflict prevention and gender sensitive training. These additional competences are described separately and offered to teachers from the relevant regions.

Job description:
  • Support the Team leader in his activities
  • Advice to private and public stakeholders at the project locations on identification of preparatory training demand for vocational teachers and trainee teachers
  • Planning, organisation, implementation and evaluation of demand-oriented capacity development measures for multipliers and teachers at VET institutions / schools
  • Identification of demand of short-term assignments within budget and cooperation with local and international short-term staff
  • Reporting
Candidate's profile:
  • Qualification as vocational teacher or MA / Diploma in vocational pedagogics, education, social sciences , economic sciences or relevant qualification
  • 5 years experience in vocational teaching
  • 3 years experience in advising on vocational training systems
  • Experience in the fields of methodology and didactics, gender, conflict management or quality management
  • Working experience in the near east region and Palestine
  • Fluent in English and Arabic
  Only shortlisted candidates will be notified about the evaluation outcome.
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