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The availability of impartial and objective statistical information is fundamental for decision-makers and citizens. Statistical information underpins transparency and openness of policy decisions. Representing a public good, official statistics are the basis for a smooth functioning society.

Our Achievements

As the leading European consultancy in the statistical field, ICON implements projects in all areas of official statistics guaranteeing high quality standards in the collection, processing and dissemination of statistical data. Our extensive and international network of statistical and research institutions allows us to access high-level statistical know-how key to the successful implementation of our projects.

Our Services

In line with the current developments and international standards, we support our clients in the following areas:

  • Support to the National Statistical Institutes in the harmonisation with the European and International Standards in official statistics
  • Institutional strengthening, capacity building and support in strategic planning and in the management of statistical institutes
  • Development of systems for the collection, analysis and modelling
    of statistical data
  • Design and implementation of surveys and population, enterprise
    and agricultural censuses
  • Economic studies
  • Monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction strategies (Millennium Development Goals)
  • Support in the implementation of national statistical information systems
  • Quality assessments and reviews
  • Design and implementation of customised training courses and study visits
  • Organisation of international conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Data dissemination and publication
  • Communication, public relation and visibility activities

To ensure efficiency and sustainability in the project implementation ICON’s interventions are strong on

  • systematic improvement of the quality of statistical products and processes
  • relevance, accuracy, timeliness and reliability of data
  • compliance with European and international standards
  • sound methodology with adequate tools, procedures and expertise
  • data confidentiality
  • cost effectiveness


Statistical Domains


Demographic and Social Statistics

Population and Migration Labour Education Health Income and Consumption Social Protection Human Settlements and Housing Justice and Crime Culture


Economic Statistics

Macroeconomic Statistics Economic Accounts Business Statistics Sectoral Statistics Agriculture Energy Mining, Manufacturing, Construction Transport Tourism Banking/ Insurance/ Financial Statistics Government Finance, Fiscal, Public Sector Statistics International Trade and Balance of Payments Prices Labour Science, Technology


Environment and Multi-Domain Statistics

Environment Regional and Small Area Statistics Multi-Domain Statistics and Indicators Living Conditions Poverty and Cross-cutting Social Issues Gender and Special Population Groups Information Society Globalisation Indicators related to the Millennium Development Goals Sustainable Development Yearbooks and Similar Compendia

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