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Social Policy and Health

Social Policy

Our mission is to improve the lives of communities and to strive for poverty alleviation through the economic and social integration of the most vulnerable social layers and disadvantaged groups, such as the poor, children, young people at risk, women, migrants, refugees and IDPs, minorities, civil society groups, people with special needs and the elderly. In identifying long-term sustainable interventions, we take a people-centred approach that focuses on building local capacity to develop, diversify and strengthen local economies.

To this end, we offer a broad range of services to governments, local partners and civil society enabling them to strengthen the building blocks of society and increase quality of life and living standards.

More specifically, we specialise in services for the following areas:

  • Social protection reform
  • Improvement of social security and social assistance schemes
  • Strengthening of social service providers
  • Social inclusion and cohesion
  • Poverty reduction
  • Alternative and sustainable sources of income
  • Gender and empowerment of women


Our objective is to support structural reforms and modernisation processes to improve access to equitable, affordable, sustainable and high quality health services and thereby help reducing the burden of disease. We formulate and implement hands-on intervention strategies in order to boost human resource capacities, increase cost effectiveness, improve efficiency, reduce inequalities in access to health care, and yield long lasting results by promoting ownership of counterparts and building efficient and sustainable health systems.

We have proven expertise and experience in:

  • Health policy and planning
  • Human resources for health
  • Health care financing, including health insurance and payment mechanisms
  • Health management information systems
  • Health facilities and services
  • Primary health care
  • Health promotion
  • HIV/ AIDS, sexually transmitted infections
  • Reproductive health, maternal and child health
  • Communicable and Non-communicable disease control
  • Health statistics, epidemiology

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