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Justice and Legislation

Our Expertise

With over 20 years expertise of practical experience we are a leading provider of consultancy services in the fields of justice and legal reform support.


Legal Affairs and Rule of Law

  • Judiciary
  • Prosecution
  • Ministries of Justice and line Ministries
  • Judicial academies and other training institutions
  • Judicial and prosecutorial councils
  • Bar associations and advocacy
  • Access to justice/ Legal aid
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Rule of law and citizen's security (criminal justice, economic and organised crime, anti-corruption, fight against terrorism, police and ethics, prison system and alternatives to imprisonments and crime prevention)
  • Civil justice
  • Electronic databases and case management systems
  • E-justice


ICON-INSTITUT pays particular attention to cross-cutting issues such as gender and minorities, cultural, environmental and ethical matters.

Working Method

We support legal and judiciary reform processes through

  • Development of legal and institutional frameworks
  • Modernisation and legal harmonisation of domestic legislation from human rights and rule of law perspectives
  • Legal drafting (primary, secondary legislation, procedural codes)
  • EU legal approximation
  • EU policy and legal advice
  • Capacity building for legal professions
  • Organisation of seminars, round-tables, workshops, high level meetings


We co-operate with international and national organisations, think-tanks and experts, providing technical assistance to governmenmtal institutions and other public authorities in countries in transition worldwide, according to international standards.


Our team consists of fully qualified lawyers, specialised in various fields of law and with extensive experience in implementing technical assistance projects in the fields of justice and legal reform.


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