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Governance and Public Administration

Public Administration Modernisation

  • Civil Service and public administration reform
  • Institutional and organisational development
  • Capacity building for civil servants
  • Human Resource Management and Development (HRM/ HRD)
  • Harmonisation with EU rules and regulations


Local Governance

  • Support to administrative, fiscal and political decentralisation
  • Improving public service delivery at local level
  • HRM strategy and performance monitoring for local governments
  • Transparency and citizens’ participation to ensure the accountability of local authorities


Civil Society Strengthening

  • Strengthening the participation of Non State Actors (NSA)/ civil society in a country
  • Institutional and organisational capacity building of civil society organisations
  • Strengthening the dialogue between State and NSA
  • Management of grant schemes supporting NSA
  • Promoting Human Rights and free media
  • Fostering intercultural dialogue and exchange

Implementation of EU Election Observation Missions (EOMs)

  • Supporting democratisation by implementing EOMs
  • Security, logistic and administrative support for European elections observers and other international and local staff
  • Training on country/ security aspects for election observers
  • Management of complex logistics and comprehensive security systems

Project Management Units (PMU) and National Authorising Offices (NAO)

  • Technical support to ministerial units assigned to EU funds
  • Capacity building of ministerial units
  • Managing programme estimates and grant management
  • Programme management and donor co-ordination
  • Integration of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Design of aid co-ordination systems and databases

Public Finance

  • Public Finance Management (PFM) Reforms
  • Public Expenditure Management
  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Internal and External Audit
  • PFM Performance Assessments (PEFA etc.)
  • Budget Support Management

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