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Financial Sector Development

Micro and SME Finance


We assist financial service providers including Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), credit unions, commercial banks and NGOs in

  • Upgrading and downscaling of financial institutions, including the establishment of a micro or SME finance unit
  • Streamlining existing and implementing innovative policies and procedures, such as operational and credit risk management, corporate governance, asset and liability management
  • Product development, inter alia Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy credit products, islamic financial products, leasing products

Financial Sector Supervision


We assist central banks, ministries and insurance supervisory bodies in

  • Establishing appropriate financial sector policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Capacity building in market regulators and institutions such as by restructuring the internal management, training of staff, introduction of MIS
  • Advice and support to banks and other financial institutions in implementing regulatory requirements
  • Development of regulatory framework safeguarding customers rights

Refinancing Advisory


We advise on the management of credit lines for example to apex institutions, development and commercial banks or on the establishment of funding units such as guarantee funds.

  • Design of funding vehicle
  • Establishment of operating policies and procedures, including investment documents
  • Training of local management
  • Investor advice
  • Fund management

Services cross-cutting with other Business Areas


We assist suppliers and consumers of financial services by increasing their financial literacy and by introducing responsible banking practices aiming at a framework for consumer protection.

  • Support in the implementation of national strategies to increase financial literacy
  • Set-up and capacity building of training facilities for stake and share holders in the financial sector
  • Business plan consulting/ Business development services

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