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Education and Training

Cross Cutting Expertise

  • Policy advice, strategies and action plans
  • Policy reform and sector development
  • Institutional reform
  • Needs assessments, functional reviews
  • National qualification frameworks and authorities
  • Capacity building for governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • Curricula, teaching and learning material and media, manuals
  • Tailor-made and certified teacher and instructor training
  • Technology transfer programmes
  • Social inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and minorities
  • Awareness raising campaigns and measures
  • Quality assurance, accreditation and certification
  • Funding opportunities, financing


Sector-specific Expertise

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education

  • Monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Scholarship grant schemes

  • School networks and community participation programmes

  • School construction and procurement of school equipment

  • HEMIS devices (Higher Education Management Information Systems)

  • Study exchange programmes, study and research visits

  • Research programmes, innovation fora, co-operation platforms

Vocational Education and Training

  • Legal frameworks for TVET
  • Formal and informal TVET system and the labour markets
  • Study exchange programmes and VET workshops
  • On-the-job training
  • Programmes for further education at our Aachen subsidiary


Labour Market and Employment

  • Labour market reform processes
  • Labour market and employment strategies and measures
  • Trainings and re-trainings for employed and unemployed
  • Systems and trainings in career counselling
  • Platforms and networks for stakeholders in the field of VET and employment
  • Labour market information and ICT systems for information and job search
  • Job creation and alignment to target innovation


Planning, Development and Implementation of Training

  • Train the Trainer, further training / HRD
  • Sustainable skills improvement and upgrading
  • Soft skills and leadership
  • Lifelong Learning (LLL)


Set-up of Training Centres

    • TVET infrastructures
    • TVET centre engineering
    • TVET management and administration

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